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The MAERZ restaurant its signature is earthiness & creativity

Earthiness & creativity is the philosophy and the topic of the Michelin star awarded restaurant MAERZ in Bietigheim-Bissingen close to Stuttgart. The restaurant from Benjamin Maerz – the kitchen chef – and Christian Maerz – the restaurant manager & sommelier – has lots of South German family tradition. Before the two brothers took over hotel and restaurant, it was operated from their parents. Then after their father passed away unexpected and much too early, the two brother took over the hotel and restaurant from their mother in 2013. Both invested a lot into the hotel, they invested lots of money, time and lifeblood. I was guest in the restaurant also in the old times when it still was operated from the parents and now came back to a fine dining dinner!

Yes right a fine dining dinner! The two brothers were just in their mid twenties when they took over the hotel and restaurant from their mother and then changed a lot, but not all! They still kept the spirit of the restaurant as I knew it from the past, on the one side but on the other side also a lot changed – New decoration, new kitchen, new food – new creativity but still both brothers are very down to earth. Wich is not normal when your new restaurant is already awarded with one Michelin and your age is just in the mid twenties! But yes definitely the fine dining evening at the MAERZ restaurant from Benjamin Maerz and Christian Maerz was for sure simply a fine dining moment for share! That is why we are more than happy to put this article into our Fine Dining Blog and share it here with you. 

Of course we are also very happy to have such a nice, new and contemporary Michelin awarded restaurant just in our neighborhood and we can really confirm the MAERZ restaurant in Bietigheim-Bissingen is earthiness & creativity at its best! Great work Benjamin and Christian and we will be back! šŸ˜‰ 


MAERZ Restaurant & Hotel ROSE

KronenbergstraƟe 14 

D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen 



When visiting Reims the city of Champaign then there is a great opportunity to combine the visit of a great Champaign cellar with a breathtaking three Michelin starred restaurant. Normally we describe our visits with a detailed description, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore here the pictures of the beautiful Champaign City Reims:

The next pictures are showing the breathtaking cellars of Ruinart. Totally there are around 8km of Runiart cellars below Reims. The callers it selves, the tour and of course the Champaign tasting just “Oui Oui Oui” breathtaking šŸ˜‰

And then the in the end of a beautiful day in Reims “la grande finale” in the three Michelin starred fine dining restaurant L’Assiette Champenoise. Well we could write so so so many things about that perfect restaurant, about this magician Chef Arnaud Lallement who earned with his kitchen three Michelin stars, about his perfectly orchestrated service team, about the beautiful decorated rooms in this restaurant – Yes yes yes we could write so much but like noted above sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, therefore just have a look:

So yes we will be back in Reims, in the Runiart cellars and at the L’Assiette Champenoise restaurant – one day in exactly in that sequence šŸ˜‰


L’Assiette Champenoise:

Ruinart Cellars:

Fine-Dining.Blog @ 5 Restaurant in Stuttgart

Train Stadion and fine-dining restaurant 5 in Stuttgart

Yes, it is well known that Stuttgart has been working at a new railway station for quite some time now. What we did not know, however, is that the fine-dining restaurant 5 is located in the former Stuttgart train station from 1846. The location of the first Stuttgart main station was until 1922 on the SchlossstraƟe, which is now called BolzstraƟe in the relevant section, near the Schlossplatz. A wooden hall spanned four railways at this time. The first train arrived on September 26, 1846 from Stuttgart-Cannstatt coming. The gigantic black steel girders on the first floor of the restaurant still tell of its history as a train station.

This past gives the restaurant on the upper floor an incomparable charm, really great.Ā  And why is Restaurant 5, awarded with one Michelin star, now named 5? Because of the 5 o’clock trains? No, not really, that 5 should refer to the Chinese doctrine of the five elements, the five elements are a classic model of the diversity of life and its transformations.Ā  Here the bow spans to the kitchen of the 5 and its variety and its breathtaking dishes. Trains are not arriving anymore at 5 o’clock, but for that comes course by course a fine-dining experience at its best! So we will come back soon and wait for the 5 o’clock train again while enjoying that awesome restaurant and by the way we have ordered of course 5 courses šŸ˜‰


5 Bar & Restaurant

70173 Stuttgart

BolzstraƟe 8

phone +49711 65557011


Why back again in the OLIVO Restaurant in Stuttgart?

We are back again for the third time at the famous Stuttgart Gourmet restaurant OLIVO because its Chef have changed. The old chef Nico Burkhardt left the OLIVO in the summer this year and the new chef is now Anton Gschwendtner. Mr. Gschwendtner is from Austria and there he is already awarded for one of the 5o best Austrian Chefs. Further more Anton Gschwendtner received the Austrian 2018 newcomer of the year award. So that was enough reason for us to be back again at the Stuttgart OLIVO and write our third report in our Fine Dining Blog. 

So new chef, new team and still the same OLIVO? Well there is no doubt that the OLIVO Restaurant Stuttgart serves its guests still fine dining food at its best. Yes Anton Gschwendtner and his team really surprises with their creations. The food is for sure a bit French fine dining style but at the same time there is also a quite nice Asian influence in most of his creations, which we really liked and enjoyed a lot. Especially the nice and friendly team together with the Asian influenced courses are for us already now today reason enough to be back with our Fine Dining Blog also a fourth time šŸ˜‰


Gourmet-Restaurant Olivo

Inside the Steigenberger Hotel Graf Zeppelin

Arnulf-Klett-Platz 7

70173 Stuttgart, Germany 

Fine-Dining.Blog @ MING CHINACENTER in Freiberg

Real Chinese fine dining now available in the MING CHINACENTER in Freiberg close to Stuttgart.

To makes things right from the beginning of that blog article clear – the MING CHINACENTER in Freiberg close to Stuttgart is not a Chinese restaurant in Germany – the MING CHINACENTER (German name China Haus Freiberg) is Chinese fine dining at its best in the middle of South Germany. How is that possible? Well good question and we also hardly couldnā€™t believe that when we heard about it for the first time. We thought ā€žwell another typical German influenced Chinese restaurantā€¦.ā€œ. But anyhow we gave it a try and well what can we say – we were – we still are deeply impressed! First of all you have to book your table at that fine dining restaurant, you can not just walk in. Why – because all is prepared fresh, really fresh direct from the market and garden on your plate, thatā€™s the concept, more fresh is not possible! 

Ming Ze Schaumann is the owner of the MING CHINACENTER, he is the chef and he is a real artist in his kitchen but not only in his kitchen, all the interior design, all the decoration and all the pictures and sculptures in the garden and in the restaurant are from him. He and his wife are running the restaurant and as soon you are entering their MING CHINACENTER you feel like being overseas somewhere in Shanghai. Already the garden make you feel like walk into a club park in a high end restaurant in Shanghai somewhere in the former French Concession. Also the food is real real fine Chinese food at its best – yes Chinese – not some kind of sweat sour ā€žChinese German fake foodā€œ – no real fine dining like you can find it in some places for example in Shanghai or HongKong in overseas. So it was never so easy and never so cheap to travel to China for us here in South Germany than now – Thanks to Ming Ze Schaumann and his MING CHINACENTER in Freiberg close to Stuttgart you can have a quite easy and breathtaking fine dining journey to China and that even without any flight ticket šŸ˜‰ 



Ming Chinacenter 

MĆ¼hlstraƟe 100 

71691 Freiberg am Neckar

Phone Tel.: +49 (0) 173 / 7685808 & 

Fine-Dining.Blog @ MAISON LAMELOISE Restaurant in Shanghai

The 3 Michelin starred restaurant MAISON LAMELOISE from Burgundy in France just opened a new restaurant inside the Shanghai Tower

The original restaurant MAISON LAMELOISE started in France almost 100 years ago and it is awarded with three Michelin stars. So what can be expected from its new sister restaurant just opened lately inside the new Shanghai Tower? Well so different the location is, so similar the fine dining experience is. After leaving the elevator in the Shanghai Tower on the 68th floor, somewhere around 350 meter above the ground, just close your eyes for a second while entering the Shanghai MAISON LAMELOISE and you feel like approaching your table in the original MAISON LAMELOISE restaurant in Chagny France. 

Why we write that? Well the whole team in the MAISON LAMELOISE in Shanghai give you such a very very warm hearted welcome, they really make you feel like entering the original MAISON LAMELOISE restaurant in the village Chagny in the Burgundy. The executive chef Yann Klein from the Alsace welcomed us with a tour in his new kitchen inside the Shanghai tower and he explained us the details in German, English and Chinese language!!! The chef sommelier Maxime Duval and the general manager Aaron really took care for us like being regular guests since years, that really make you feel like home, an atmosphere you sometimes can get on smaller fine dining restaurant in villages like the original one in Chagny France. 

Also the atmosphere of the whole restaurant, how the other guests are dressed and not talking about the food – yes yes yes that is high end fine dining in the middle of the heart of Shanghai. The food šŸ™‚ yes the courses which Yann Klein and his team creates, that again is just real fine dining at its best in the middle of Shanghai and that is what my wife and myself call French fine dining at its best. From the beginning to the desert that is what we call Michelin starred dining, we think the pictures are speaking for themselves. So the original MAISON LAMELOISE from Chagny really can be proud for its new younger sister in the Shanghai tower! My wife and myself we liked the evening so much, that we plan to be back at Christmas to celebrate a fine dining French Gourmet Christmas in the middle of Shanghai in the end of this year šŸ˜‰




Shanghai Tower 68/F

Yincheng Middle Rd

Pudong Shanghai

Fine-Dining.Blog @ SENNS.RESTAURANT Salzburg

The slogan of the Salzburg SENNS.RESTAURANT is “Anyone who never leaves the beaten path will only get where others have been.” The question we asked ourselves, did Andreas Senn and his team at the SENNS.RESTAURANT really left the normal and trampled paths? An initial answer to this question is obtained directly upon arrival! In a very original ambience of an old metal foundry is the Finedining Restaurant by Andreas Senn located. The entrance, the reception, the decoration, really great, very special and super cool and far away from the simple and ordinary ambiance. The SENNS.RESTAURANT could be exactly as in Manhattan, Tokyo, Shanghai or Hong Kong and would be one of the very cool and special hotspot there! Well and what Andreas Senn conjures up in his kitchen is light years away from an ordinary path. Not for nothing is Andreas Senn one of the most successful chefs in Austria, here are some of his awards: 2 starred in the Michelin Guide 2018, 3 Hauben (cook hood) 17 points Gault Millau 2018, 5 of 5 stars Guide Ć  la Carte 2018, 96 points 4 forks Falstaff Restaurant Guide 2018, Chef des Year 2016 and many more. Long story short, if you want to leave traditional finedining trails, then you have to visit the SENNS.RESTAURANT Salzburg! In this sense mission accomblished šŸ˜‰

SR šŸ“


SƶllheimerstraƟe 16, Objekt 6, 5020 Salzburg  Tel.: +43 664 45 40 232