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One of Stuttgart´s fine dining hidden champions. The restaurant just opened 2 years ago and is now managed by the super friendly couple Marianne Giertz and Michael Huppert. Marianne is the restaurant manager and Michael is the kitchen chef. Both are doing a real great job and they really take care for their guests. The service, the food, the wine and champaign is at highest quality and value. You should ask for Michael´s surprise menu, it is what we had and well it was just perfect, so we will come back in one week 😉 !!! Also you should ask Marianne if it is possible to enjoy the marvelous dessert inside their beautiful cigar lounge with an open fireplace. Well the HUPPERTS is really fine dining at its best in the middle of Stuttgart and at the moment (still) one of South Germany´s hidden champions in fine dining!

HUPPERTS Restaurant

Gebelsbergstr. 97, 70199 Stuttgart

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