Hong Kong three-Michelin-starred Chef Alvin Leung opened in 2016 his new Bo Shanghai fine dining restaurant, in the Bund No. 5 building. It is definitely what I call a world wide hidden Champion in the field of fine dining restaurants. It´s also called X-treme Chinese Cuisine. Is it X-treme?

Well in my opinion and for my taste it is the new generation, a new dimension of fine dining, it is Chinese fine dining! It is not a copy of Europe fine dining, it is not an interpretation of Western fine dining and it it is also not a development out of something from Europe. It is something on its own, it is new, it is breathtaking, it is Chinese and on top of all of that it is still fine dining. For some that might be X-treme – for me it is the absolutely best match of a complete new fine dining experience born first in Hong Kong and now have its first „Kid“ in Shanghai. In my opinion there is no better match for a fine dining restaurant like Bo Shanghai for a city like Shanghai.

The are two tasting menus, a shorter one and a long one with 12 courses. In this Blog we show you the short one and I think the pictures are speaking for themselves. Every course is a fine dining journey through China. Chef De Aille and her team celebrated an absolute breathtaking fine dining journey through Chinese cuisine, materials, recipes and spices all so good, so interesting, so fine and Chinese – we can not wait to come for the long 12 course journey on this weekend. Also thanks to Roger who explained any of the dishes in an absolute perfect and detailed way, which we really appreciated.

So see you soon for the long journey 😉 and thanks for that very very nice evening at your restaurant Bo Shanghai, Chef De Aille and Roger!


Bo Shanghai

6/F, Bund 5, 5 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu


Phone: +86 021 5383 3656

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