The magic Restaurant Zauberlehrling

The hotel and restaurant Zauberlehrling, means sorcerer’s apprentice, is really a magic place. Since 1993 Axel Heldmann is the chef & patron of that outstanding hotel and restaurant. I am visiting that place now since 10 years and Axel Heldmann improves that magic place year by year and year by year it´s getting a more magic and cool touch. I traveled the world and I saw lots of cool boutique style restaurants and hotels but I don´t know if there is a more cool place like the Stuttgart Zauberlehrling. The food, the hotel, the rooms, the bar, all is just kind of magic!!! I think you have to visit that place to understand – but be careful not getting enchanted 😉

SR 🍴

Der Zauberlehrling

Rosenstrasse 38

70182 Stuttgart

T +49 (0) 711 23 77 77-0

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