The T’ang Court restaurant has been awarded with three Michelin Stars in the first official Chinese Shanghai appearance of the 2017 Michelin Guide and it repeated the three star rating in 2018. At the moment it is the only Chinese restaurant in Mainland China with such a rating in the Michelin Guide. The T’ang Court restaurant offers a unique dining experience and it is different to what we were used from European fine-dining. In a couple ratings and feedbacks for the restaurant you can read from people complaining that this fine–dining restaurant is not really a three star restaurant. We don’t agree with these opinions because the T’ang Court restaurant is something very special, it’s Chinese fine–dining with its own Chinese soul and spirit! We liked that very much and its for sure not a copy of Western fine–dining dishes and restaurants, like you can find it in so many big European cities or even in Hongkong. So yes it’s definitely not a European three star Michelin restaurant but it’s a fantastic unique Chinese fine-dining restaurant with three Michelin stars what is absolutely unique at the moment in the whole world, so better try it, as long it is so seldom and fantastic!

Thanks for that fantastic Chinese fine-dining experience and the super great and friendly service, we’ll be back soon 😉

SR 🍴

T’ang Court Restaurant
99 Madang Road,
Xintiandi, Shanghai 200021, China

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