NAPA Restaurant and wine paradise

After starting almost one year ago our fine dining blog, one of the first restaurants we visited was the NAPPA WINE BAR & KITCHEN and my wife and me couldn’t wait to be back at that fantastic restaurant in Shanghai. Why? Well it’s starting with the building the restaurant is located in, it’s the Bund 22 and it’s a building from 1906 with a heritage architecture and then please take a look and seat inside the building and restaurant, it’s just absolutely breathtaking and there are worldwide not many similar restaurants.

But not only that is breathtaking, it’s just a year ago we have been in that restaurant but what in the last 12 months happened is quite impressive. Edward Lee one of Shanghai’s Masters in wine, with a wine cellar and a wine list I never saw and experienced somewhere else in Asia. Edward is also the restaurant manager and he together with Francisco Araya, who was trained and educated in world famous restaurants like the El Bulli, these two guys together with their team improved heavily. Edward and Francisco created a gourmet experience tasting menu together with a pairing gourmet wine menu, which is really a high end fine dining class for its own. The restaurant is now in the 2018 Michelin Guide recommended and if you ask us, it’s only a short question of time when we will be back at the NAPPA to celebrate with Edward and Francisco their first Michel star ⭐️ and like always we can not wait for this 😉


NAPA WINE BAR & KITCHEN South Bund 22, Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, (near Xin Yong An Lu)


Shanghai, CHINA

Telephone 021 6318 0057

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