The TAIAN TABLE restaurant in Shanghai went through a rough 2017 with changing its location but even through such a busy 2017 they kept it all. The TAIAN TABLE kept its perfection, kept its passion, kept its taste & quality and they kept their Michelin star. On their homepage taian-table.cn you can read about read the following about their idea about the restaurant:

Taian Table is the vision of Stefan Stiller

Stefan always wanted to open a small dining location with an open kitchen and a single, seasonal tasting menu only. To prepare what’s in season, inventing new dishes with the team, bringing like-minded people together and breaking the boundaries of traditional dining- that’s our vision and goal. Interactive and intimate dining.

Well what can we say? We had the great opportunity to dine the TAIAN TABLE Menu „The best Dishes out of 12 Menus“ and it was absolutely breathtaking. The super detailed and talented Chef de Cuisine Jeno Racz explained us that the TAIAN team changes month by month their table menu and we had the great opportunity to taste the best out of the 12 last menus. So check the pictures, we think they are speaking for themselves and we only can recommend you to take any chance to visit as soon as possible this breathtaking restaurant which entered for sure our top three list of our Shanghai most favorite restaurants!

Our special thanks to Jeno Racz for being such a great host, thanks for the great Brandy and can not wait for catch up with you about Shanghai, its unique fine-dining scene and your next menu 😉


For the detailed address of TAIAN TABLE SHANGHAI click here:

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