The “JOURNEY” @ BO Shanghai Restaurant

A little bit hidden behind the Daimon Bistro at the Bund 5 is the fine-dining restaurant Bo Shanghai located. It’s the Shanghai restaurant from Chef Alvin Leung Hong Kong’s coolest 😉 three Michelin starred Chef and owner of the Bo Innovation restaurant in Hong Kong. The BO Shanghai restaurant brings East and West with its actual menu together. They call their actual tasting menu just „JOURNEY“. It’s a tasting through China, through the different provinces of China with all its specialities dish by dish in regards of spices an taste. It’s really a breathtaking journey through that tasting menu with so so many things to explore dish by dish, ingredient by ingredient and spice by spice. Anyhow I don’t wanna call it a „JOURNEY“ – Why?

Because what the Chef and his wife of the BO Shanghai created is not only a tasting menu „JOURNEY“ it’s a super creative exploration between East and West. It’s in a first step of course a „JOURNEY“ through China, but at the same time it’s a kind of reunion of East and West. It brings together Italy fine-dining with Chinese fine-dining! How they do that? Well the Chef and his wife stayed for a while in Italy and there they got influenced from Italian fine-dining and now they bring in the BO Shanghai restaurant the Italian and the Chinese fine-dining world together in a menu that is for sure world wide unique and fine-dining at its best!

The BO Shanghai restaurant is still kind of classic fine-dining, it’s a smaller super comfortable restaurant, not too big and not nosy like other (too many) Michelin stared restaurants in Shanghai, at the same time it’s a very contemporary kind of cool restaurant and team and it brings West and East on a very unique and interesting way together! Very well done BO Shanghai!!!!

Our resume after our two week fine-dining „JOURNEY“ through Shanghai: There are a lot of interesting Michelin restaurants to explore, for some the Michelin ratings were for us a bit surprising (to call it friendly 😉 ) and so far far away what you can expect if you’re experienced with classic European Michelin stared restaurants. Our top three in Shanghai when it comes to real fine-dining, to bring East & West on an interesting way together and to have a real Michelin stared “JOURNEY” are:

BO Shanghai

So we keep the fingers crossed that the 2018 Michelin taster also will find that out and we can report in one year for additional Michelin Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️ for these three outstanding Shanghai fine-dining restaurants 😉

SR 🍴

BO Shanghai Restaurant
6/F, Bund 5, 5 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu
Phone: +86 021 5383 3656

6/F, Bund 5, 5 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu


Phone: +86 021 5383 3656

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