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Real Chinese fine dining now available in the MING CHINACENTER in Freiberg close to Stuttgart.

To makes things right from the beginning of that blog article clear – the MING CHINACENTER in Freiberg close to Stuttgart is not a Chinese restaurant in Germany – the MING CHINACENTER (German name China Haus Freiberg) is Chinese fine dining at its best in the middle of South Germany. How is that possible? Well good question and we also hardly couldn’t believe that when we heard about it for the first time. We thought „well another typical German influenced Chinese restaurant….“. But anyhow we gave it a try and well what can we say – we were – we still are deeply impressed! First of all you have to book your table at that fine dining restaurant, you can not just walk in. Why – because all is prepared fresh, really fresh direct from the market and garden on your plate, that’s the concept, more fresh is not possible! 

Ming Ze Schaumann is the owner of the MING CHINACENTER, he is the chef and he is a real artist in his kitchen but not only in his kitchen, all the interior design, all the decoration and all the pictures and sculptures in the garden and in the restaurant are from him. He and his wife are running the restaurant and as soon you are entering their MING CHINACENTER you feel like being overseas somewhere in Shanghai. Already the garden make you feel like walk into a club park in a high end restaurant in Shanghai somewhere in the former French Concession. Also the food is real real fine Chinese food at its best – yes Chinese – not some kind of sweat sour „Chinese German fake food“ – no real fine dining like you can find it in some places for example in Shanghai or HongKong in overseas. So it was never so easy and never so cheap to travel to China for us here in South Germany than now – Thanks to Ming Ze Schaumann and his MING CHINACENTER in Freiberg close to Stuttgart you can have a quite easy and breathtaking fine dining journey to China and that even without any flight ticket 😉 



Ming Chinacenter 

Mühlstraße 100 

71691 Freiberg am Neckar

Phone Tel.: +49 (0) 173 / 7685808 & 

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