The magic Restaurant Zauberlehrling

The hotel and restaurant Zauberlehrling, means sorcerer’s apprentice, is really a magic place. Since 1993 Axel Heldmann is the chef & patron of that outstanding hotel and restaurant. I am visiting that place now since 10 years and Axel Heldmann improves that magic place year by year and year by year it´s getting a more magic and cool touch. I traveled the world and I saw lots of cool boutique style restaurants and hotels but I don´t know if there is a more cool place like the Stuttgart Zauberlehrling. The food, the hotel, the rooms, the bar, all is just kind of magic!!! I think you have to visit that place to understand – but be careful not getting enchanted 😉

SR 🍴

Der Zauberlehrling

Rosenstrasse 38

70182 Stuttgart

T +49 (0) 711 23 77 77-0



The OLIVO Restaurant in Stuttgart

Back to the Stuttgart OLIVO from Nico Burkhardt and Christiaan van Berkel and their team. We enjoyed the summer tasting menu include a very special walk through a culinary forrest 😉 The OLIVO restaurant in Stuttgart is definitely a superb fine dining experience and one of our favorites in Stuttgart! And we can not wait for the new culinary surprises from Nico Burkhardt in September after his summer holiday!


Gourmet-Restaurant Olivo

Inside the Steigenberger Hotel Graf Zeppelin

Arnulf-Klett-Platz 7

70173 Stuttgart, Germany 




Sebastian Maier owner and kitchen chef of the Herrenküferei in Markgröningen – please refer also to my first blog of that restaurant here Herrenkueferei-Restaurant – made us for our last visit a culinary seafood round trip. It was a special chef´s menu and we enjoyed any single course! It was a culinary seafood round trip in a 600 year old building in the middle of Stuttgart area, so not really something you can expect in this area and environment and that is why we even enjoyed it much more 😉 the courses were the following:

Salmon tartare

Raw marinated asparagus salad

Poched brook trout

Shrimp in tomato carpaccio

Herbal soup


Crème brûlée



Maier´s Herrenküferei GmbH

Marktplatz 2, 71706 Markgröningen



Fine dining in a 600 year old hotel and restaurant! The building was a long time ago a cooperage and the building is beautiful renovated. The hotel and the kitchen is now driven by Sebastian Maier, he learned in the fine dining restaurants like Adler Asperg, Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg and the Bayerischer Hof Munich. The food, the building, the restaurant it is really worth a trip and it can be reached from Stuttgart city center just in 30 minutes by taxi.

Maier´s Herrenküferei GmbH

Marktplatz 2, 71706 Markgröningen


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The restaurant top air is inside the Stuttgart airport and worldwide the sole fine dining restaurant with a Michelin star which is located inside an international airport. The kitchen chef Marco Akuzun is a very friendly chef and also visiting his guests inside the restaurant and explains his philosophy and ideas about his dishes. The restaurant service team is very friendly and very creative! So for example on your table will not just sitting a reservation sign – they do your reservation in form of a first class flight ticket and well the whole menu is like a first class over sea flight to East Asia 😉

restaurant top air inside Stuttgart airport in Terminal 1 on level 4

70629 Stuttgart Airport


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One of Stuttgart´s fine dining hidden champions. The restaurant just opened 2 years ago and is now managed by the super friendly couple Marianne Giertz and Michael Huppert. Marianne is the restaurant manager and Michael is the kitchen chef. Both are doing a real great job and they really take care for their guests. The service, the food, the wine and champaign is at highest quality and value. You should ask for Michael´s surprise menu, it is what we had and well it was just perfect, so we will come back in one week 😉 !!! Also you should ask Marianne if it is possible to enjoy the marvelous dessert inside their beautiful cigar lounge with an open fireplace. Well the HUPPERTS is really fine dining at its best in the middle of Stuttgart and at the moment (still) one of South Germany´s hidden champions in fine dining!

HUPPERTS Restaurant

Gebelsbergstr. 97, 70199 Stuttgart