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The MAERZ restaurant its signature is earthiness & creativity

Earthiness & creativity is the philosophy and the topic of the Michelin star awarded restaurant MAERZ in Bietigheim-Bissingen close to Stuttgart. The restaurant from Benjamin Maerz – the kitchen chef – and Christian Maerz – the restaurant manager & sommelier – has lots of South German family tradition. Before the two brothers took over hotel and restaurant, it was operated from their parents. Then after their father passed away unexpected and much too early, the two brother took over the hotel and restaurant from their mother in 2013. Both invested a lot into the hotel, they invested lots of money, time and lifeblood. I was guest in the restaurant also in the old times when it still was operated from the parents and now came back to a fine dining dinner!

Yes right a fine dining dinner! The two brothers were just in their mid twenties when they took over the hotel and restaurant from their mother and then changed a lot, but not all! They still kept the spirit of the restaurant as I knew it from the past, on the one side but on the other side also a lot changed – New decoration, new kitchen, new food – new creativity but still both brothers are very down to earth. Wich is not normal when your new restaurant is already awarded with one Michelin and your age is just in the mid twenties!

But yes definitely the fine dining evening at the MAERZ restaurant from Benjamin Maerz and Christian Maerz was for sure simply a fine dining moment for share! That is why we are more than happy to put this article into our Fine Dining Blog and share it here with you. 

Of course we are also very happy to have such a nice, new and contemporary Michelin awarded restaurant just in our neighborhood and we can really confirm the MAERZ restaurant in Bietigheim-Bissingen is earthiness & creativity at its best! Great work Benjamin and Christian and we will be back! 😉 


MAERZ Restaurant & Hotel ROSE

Kronenbergstraße 14 

D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen


When visiting Reims the city of Champaign then there is a great opportunity to combine the visit of a great Champaign cellar with a breathtaking three Michelin starred restaurant. Normally we describe our visits with a detailed description, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore here the pictures of the beautiful Champaign City Reims:

The next pictures are showing the breathtaking cellars of Ruinart. Totally there are around 8km of Runiart cellars below Reims. The callers it selves, the tour and of course the Champaign tasting just “Oui Oui Oui” breathtaking 😉

And then the in the end of a beautiful day in Reims “la grande finale” in the three Michelin starred fine dining restaurant L’Assiette Champenoise. Well we could write so so so many things about that perfect restaurant, about this magician Chef Arnaud Lallement who earned with his kitchen three Michelin stars, about his perfectly orchestrated service team, about the beautiful decorated rooms in this restaurant – Yes yes yes we could write so much but like noted above sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, therefore just have a look:

So yes we will be back in Reims, in the Runiart cellars and at the L’Assiette Champenoise restaurant – one day in exactly in that sequence 😉


L’Assiette Champenoise:

Ruinart Cellars:

Fine-Dining.Blog @ SENNS.RESTAURANT Salzburg

The slogan of the Salzburg SENNS.RESTAURANT is “Anyone who never leaves the beaten path will only get where others have been.” The question we asked ourselves, did Andreas Senn and his team at the SENNS.RESTAURANT really left the normal and trampled paths? An initial answer to this question is obtained directly upon arrival! In a very original ambience of an old metal foundry is the Finedining Restaurant by Andreas Senn located. The entrance, the reception, the decoration, really great, very special and super cool and far away from the simple and ordinary ambiance. The SENNS.RESTAURANT could be exactly as in Manhattan, Tokyo, Shanghai or Hong Kong and would be one of the very cool and special hotspot there! Well and what Andreas Senn conjures up in his kitchen is light years away from an ordinary path. Not for nothing is Andreas Senn one of the most successful chefs in Austria, here are some of his awards: 2 starred in the Michelin Guide 2018, 3 Hauben (cook hood) 17 points Gault Millau 2018, 5 of 5 stars Guide Ă  la Carte 2018, 96 points 4 forks Falstaff Restaurant Guide 2018, Chef des Year 2016 and many more. Long story short, if you want to leave traditional finedining trails, then you have to visit the SENNS.RESTAURANT Salzburg! In this sense mission accomblished 😉

SR 🍴


Söllheimerstraße 16, Objekt 6, 5020 Salzburg  Tel.: +43 664 45 40 232



On the homepage from Dani GarcĂ­a, a two starred Michelin Chef from Andalusia, you can read that the Dani GarcĂ­a Restaurant is the most personal project from him and that it doesn’t follow any fashion or preconceived ideas – the slogan noted on his homepage is:


Well since my wife and myself started that blog and also before, we traveled the world and had many fine dining evenings with many experiences. But since we had the opportunity to spend in October 2017 one evening in the Dani GarcĂ­a restaurant, my wife and myself came to the following conclusion:

1.) We definitely have found a new fine dining restaurant entering our personal top three ranking of our world wide most liked fine dining restaurants.

2.) Yes for sure and for 100% we can confirm that the Dani GarcĂ­a restaurant stands for “ONE KITCHEN. ZERO LIMITS.”!!!

3.) We will come definitely back to that absolute fantastic fine dining experience 😉 !!!!!

SR 🍴

Dani García Restaurante inside Hotel Puente Romano

Bulevar PrĂ­ncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe

29602 Marbella Spain