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The Tast-Ller Restaurant in Barcelona super super special and simple

The Tast-Ller owner and chef Mikel Peinador likes it simple. So is that good or not so good for a fine dining restaurant? Well to answer that question I would like to use a quote: „Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.“ Mikel Peinador uses that simplicity in everything for example on his homepage or for example on his menu. On his menu you will find just one tasting menu that’s it and on his homepage you will find only the most needed data. Boring? No not at all – Mikel has put so much love and so much creativity in all of his work, in his cooking, in his menu, in his interior design of his restaurant and his kitchen, that is just breathtaking and all ends at the Tast-Ller restaurant in ultimate sophistication. Therefore I try to learn from Mikel Peinador and keep my blog report also simple and let my pictures speak for themselves and hopefully you can find the ultimate sophistication of that outstanding restaurant 😉 

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Tast-Ller Restaurant
Calle Viladomat 137, 08002 Barcelona, Spain 



On the homepage from Dani García, a two starred Michelin Chef from Andalusia, you can read that the Dani García Restaurant is the most personal project from him and that it doesn’t follow any fashion or preconceived ideas – the slogan noted on his homepage is:


Well since my wife and myself started that blog and also before, we traveled the world and had many fine dining evenings with many experiences. But since we had the opportunity to spend in October 2017 one evening in the Dani García restaurant, my wife and myself came to the following conclusion:

1.) We definitely have found a new fine dining restaurant entering our personal top three ranking of our world wide most liked fine dining restaurants.

2.) Yes for sure and for 100% we can confirm that the Dani García restaurant stands for “ONE KITCHEN. ZERO LIMITS.”!!!

3.) We will come definitely back to that absolute fantastic fine dining experience 😉 !!!!!

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Dani García Restaurante inside Hotel Puente Romano

Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe

29602 Marbella Spain




THE GRILL restaurant at the MARBELLA CLUB, a culinary landmark in one of Spains most famose beach & hotel clubs. Guests like Guests Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Gunter Sachs and Cary Grant enjoyed the MARBELLA CLUB centuries ago and still nowadays the CLUB and its restaurant THE GRILL are real architectural and culinary landmarks.

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Bulevar Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe

29600 Marbella, Spain