Fine-Dining.Blog @ MAISON LAMELOISE Restaurant in Shanghai

The 3 Michelin starred restaurant MAISON LAMELOISE from Burgundy in France just opened a new restaurant inside the Shanghai Tower

The original restaurant MAISON LAMELOISE started in France almost 100 years ago and it is awarded with three Michelin stars. So what can be expected from its new sister restaurant just opened lately inside the new Shanghai Tower? Well so different the location is, so similar the fine dining experience is. After leaving the elevator in the Shanghai Tower on the 68th floor, somewhere around 350 meter above the ground, just close your eyes for a second while entering the Shanghai MAISON LAMELOISE and you feel like approaching your table in the original MAISON LAMELOISE restaurant in Chagny France. 

Why we write that? Well the whole team in the MAISON LAMELOISE in Shanghai give you such a very very warm hearted welcome, they really make you feel like entering the original MAISON LAMELOISE restaurant in the village Chagny in the Burgundy. The executive chef Yann Klein from the Alsace welcomed us with a tour in his new kitchen inside the Shanghai tower and he explained us the details in German, English and Chinese language!!! The chef sommelier Maxime Duval and the general manager Aaron really took care for us like being regular guests since years, that really make you feel like home, an atmosphere you sometimes can get on smaller fine dining restaurant in villages like the original one in Chagny France. 

Also the atmosphere of the whole restaurant, how the other guests are dressed and not talking about the food – yes yes yes that is high end fine dining in the middle of the heart of Shanghai. The food 🙂 yes the courses which Yann Klein and his team creates, that again is just real fine dining at its best in the middle of Shanghai and that is what my wife and myself call French fine dining at its best. From the beginning to the desert that is what we call Michelin starred dining, we think the pictures are speaking for themselves. So the original MAISON LAMELOISE from Chagny really can be proud for its new younger sister in the Shanghai tower! My wife and myself we liked the evening so much, that we plan to be back at Christmas to celebrate a fine dining French Gourmet Christmas in the middle of Shanghai in the end of this year 😉




Shanghai Tower 68/F

Yincheng Middle Rd

Pudong Shanghai

Fine-Dining.Blog @ SENNS.RESTAURANT Salzburg

The slogan of the Salzburg SENNS.RESTAURANT is “Anyone who never leaves the beaten path will only get where others have been.” The question we asked ourselves, did Andreas Senn and his team at the SENNS.RESTAURANT really left the normal and trampled paths? An initial answer to this question is obtained directly upon arrival! In a very original ambience of an old metal foundry is the Finedining Restaurant by Andreas Senn located. The entrance, the reception, the decoration, really great, very special and super cool and far away from the simple and ordinary ambiance. The SENNS.RESTAURANT could be exactly as in Manhattan, Tokyo, Shanghai or Hong Kong and would be one of the very cool and special hotspot there! Well and what Andreas Senn conjures up in his kitchen is light years away from an ordinary path. Not for nothing is Andreas Senn one of the most successful chefs in Austria, here are some of his awards: 2 starred in the Michelin Guide 2018, 3 Hauben (cook hood) 17 points Gault Millau 2018, 5 of 5 stars Guide à la Carte 2018, 96 points 4 forks Falstaff Restaurant Guide 2018, Chef des Year 2016 and many more. Long story short, if you want to leave traditional finedining trails, then you have to visit the SENNS.RESTAURANT Salzburg! In this sense mission accomblished 😉

SR 🍴


Söllheimerstraße 16, Objekt 6, 5020 Salzburg  Tel.: +43 664 45 40 232

Fine-Dining.Blog @ Tast-Ller Restaurant in Barcelona

The Tast-Ller Restaurant in Barcelona super super special and simple

The Tast-Ller owner and chef Mikel Peinador likes it simple. So is that good or not so good for a fine dining restaurant? Well to answer that question I would like to use a quote: „Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.“ Mikel Peinador uses that simplicity in everything for example on his homepage or for example on his menu. On his menu you will find just one tasting menu that’s it and on his homepage you will find only the most needed data. Boring? No not at all – Mikel has put so much love and so much creativity in all of his work, in his cooking, in his menu, in his interior design of his restaurant and his kitchen, that is just breathtaking and all ends at the Tast-Ller restaurant in ultimate sophistication. Therefore I try to learn from Mikel Peinador and keep my blog report also simple and let my pictures speak for themselves and hopefully you can find the ultimate sophistication of that outstanding restaurant 😉 

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Tast-Ller Restaurant
Calle Viladomat 137, 08002 Barcelona, Spain 

Fine-Dining.Blog @ HAERLIN Restaurant in Hamburg

Restaurant Haerlin at Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg

The Haerlin Restaurant is decorated with lots of awards, it is awarded with two Michelin Stars and 19 Gault Millau Points and the titles German Restaurant of the Year 2014 and 2016 (Der Feinschmecker), Hamburg’s Best Chef 2014 (Great Gourmet Prize Hamburg) and Chef of the Year 2015 (Gault Millau). These are a lot awards and all of them are really well deserved. But what is the meaning of the restaurant‘s name?

1897 a South German hotelier from Stuttgart, named Friedrich Haerlin, bought the hotel „Zu den Vier Jahreszeiten“ and the history of the iconic Hamburg Hotel started and its restaurant still wears the family name of its founder Friedrich Haerlin.

Nowadays more than 100 years later inside these historic walls with so many history the Chef Christoph Rüffer and his team are really celebrating fine dining at its best! Like they are noting on their homepage:

Creativity and international influences also add to the restaurant’s interior: Chinese silk tapestries and gold embossing complement bright nuances of cream and light green. Real highlights for oenophiles are the built-in wine closet made of glass and polished brass which contains precious liquids and rarities as well as the associated Sommelier’s high table. The Four Seasons are represented in form of four Nymphenburg porcelain statuettes from 1919.

So we highly recommend to discover that iconic place, its history, its interior and well don’t forget to book a table soon enough and discover the tasting menu, it deserves any single award and star it received so far! Just breathtaking – check our pics – we think they speak from themselves 🙂

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Haerlin Restaurant
Neuer Jungfernstieg 9-14, inside “Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten”, 20354 Hamburg

Fine-Dining.Blog @ Gutsschenke Monrepos in Ludwigsburg

Fine-Dining.Blog @ Gutsschenke Monrepos in Ludwigsburg looking for the new young team

On the homepage of the restaurant Gutsschenke you can read the following: A young team in historic walls: Gutsschenke gourmet restaurant. No other restaurant in Ludwigsburg has a sunny terrace surrounded by chestnut trees, the historic and at the same time modern flair of the 150-year old building, and a young kitchen team which interprets the classy french cuisine in a new, playful way. Ben Benasr and his team had been awarded with 1 Michelin Star in the Guide Michelin 2018 again and 16 points in the Gault & Millau guide 2018.

So is it like that? Fine-Dining.Blog was Yesterday again in that restaurant. Yes we know it from the past, because Ludwigsburg is our hometown and in the past everything was a bit old, the historic walls but also the menu, the interior and the whole restaurant. But now all changed!!!! First of all we are very happy and proud to have have now just in walking distance from our home a Micheline starred restaurant 😉 And yes for sure it is now a really young team which changed all – ok not all the walls of the restaurant are still historic but all the rest is new, it’s different, it’s kind of cool and the team is younger and they really really deserve that Michelin star!!!!!! They are doing a great job and the menu was really really great! So we will be back soon 😉

SR 🍴


Domäne Monrepos 22, 71634 Ludwigsburg, Germany




The “JOURNEY” @ BO Shanghai Restaurant

A little bit hidden behind the Daimon Bistro at the Bund 5 is the fine-dining restaurant Bo Shanghai located. It’s the Shanghai restaurant from Chef Alvin Leung Hong Kong’s coolest 😉 three Michelin starred Chef and owner of the Bo Innovation restaurant in Hong Kong. The BO Shanghai restaurant brings East and West with its actual menu together. They call their actual tasting menu just „JOURNEY“. It’s a tasting through China, through the different provinces of China with all its specialities dish by dish in regards of spices an taste. It’s really a breathtaking journey through that tasting menu with so so many things to explore dish by dish, ingredient by ingredient and spice by spice. Anyhow I don’t wanna call it a „JOURNEY“ – Why?

Because what the Chef and his wife of the BO Shanghai created is not only a tasting menu „JOURNEY“ it’s a super creative exploration between East and West. It’s in a first step of course a „JOURNEY“ through China, but at the same time it’s a kind of reunion of East and West. It brings together Italy fine-dining with Chinese fine-dining! How they do that? Well the Chef and his wife stayed for a while in Italy and there they got influenced from Italian fine-dining and now they bring in the BO Shanghai restaurant the Italian and the Chinese fine-dining world together in a menu that is for sure world wide unique and fine-dining at its best!

The BO Shanghai restaurant is still kind of classic fine-dining, it’s a smaller super comfortable restaurant, not too big and not nosy like other (too many) Michelin stared restaurants in Shanghai, at the same time it’s a very contemporary kind of cool restaurant and team and it brings West and East on a very unique and interesting way together! Very well done BO Shanghai!!!!

Our resume after our two week fine-dining „JOURNEY“ through Shanghai: There are a lot of interesting Michelin restaurants to explore, for some the Michelin ratings were for us a bit surprising (to call it friendly 😉 ) and so far far away what you can expect if you’re experienced with classic European Michelin stared restaurants. Our top three in Shanghai when it comes to real fine-dining, to bring East & West on an interesting way together and to have a real Michelin stared “JOURNEY” are:

BO Shanghai

So we keep the fingers crossed that the 2018 Michelin taster also will find that out and we can report in one year for additional Michelin Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️ for these three outstanding Shanghai fine-dining restaurants 😉

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BO Shanghai Restaurant
6/F, Bund 5, 5 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu
Phone: +86 021 5383 3656

6/F, Bund 5, 5 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu


Phone: +86 021 5383 3656



The Da Dong Restaurant Shanghai

We visited the Da Dong Restaurant Shanghai, because lots of locals talking latley about it and there are looooong waiting lists and ques to finally get a tabke! Why? Well it is not so much because the restaurant has been rated two years in a row with one Michelin star. It is much more because the Da Dong Restaurant Shanghai is in Beijing since a long long time a have to visit restaurant and in Beijing it’s a kind of institution for the world famos Beijing duck dinner. A couple years ago the first Da Dong restaurant opened in Shanghai and because of its great Beijing reputation it became right from the opening completely overbooked and quite an impossible mission without long waiting getting a table. Another reason for the long waiting lists is that the Chef and owner of the Da Dong restaurants has reached celebrity status in China for his modern interpretations on Chinese cuisine, that is also documented with lots celebrity’s pictures visiting the Da Dong restaurant and the pictures are shown right at the entrance. Spanish president, Albert from Monaco and many more visited the Da Dong restaurant and all came only because of the Beijing duck?

For sure they did not! The Da Dong Restaurant is for sure not only an one Michelin star rated restaurant which is famous for its rosted duck. But then what is it? Well that is really not easy to explain, because so many things are different than you might expect it. It is for sure not a typical Micheln fine dining restaurant but on the other hand is also for sure not a typical Chinese restaurant! I have a gues, that this is exactly what the Chef and owner Dong Zhengxiang wanted to reach, he wanted his restaurants and its dishes to be different to normal mainstream! For that goal he perfectly accomplished because its starting with the menu book. Yes indeed it’s a book and it’s really a book, bigger and heavier than the London phone book, it shows nearly all dishes one by one in pctures in the original size! It has no tasting menus to chose, so you can feel free to set your own tasting menu in a very cool fine-dining environment.

All the dishes we tasted were absolutely perfect and yes of course there is also the legendary Da Dong rosted Beijing duck but so so so many more fine-dining dishes to explore, so we highly recommend to start ASAP your fine-dining exploration at the Da Dong Restaurant Shanghai because the waiting lists is still sooooo long 😉


Da Dong Restaurant Shanghai  No.1601 West Nanjing Road

5F Shanghai Park Place, Jing’an District
5/F, 1601 Nanjing Xi Lu,
near Changde Lu
南京西路1601号越洋广场5楼, 近常德路